Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love Games

I got home from Busch Gardens last night, and I must say, the trip was a success. I love roller coasters, as I mentioned before, but mainly, the trip was more of a social occasion. It was all about the couples and who-liked-who. Before I go into detail, here's something I've been considering - names in my blog. I don't think i should mention people's real names, because that could be harmful to me (if I wrote something bad about them and they read this and came after me with blazing pitchforks) or them (if I wrote something embarrassing about them and everyone in the school read it and then that person would be humiliated). So, fake names it is! Anyway, my friends Morgan and Tanner started going out a month ago and they are like 100% in love and addicted to each other, so it seems. Also, my other friends Nicole and Oliver also started dating a while ago, and then there's me and my boyfriend, whose fake name shall be Greg. So Greg, Oliver and Tanner made a bet to see who could kiss their girlfriends the most durning the whole trip. Us gals eventually found out about this bet, and we formed our own secret pact. We felt like the guys were using us to win the bet, so we decided to lead them on big time, but NOT let them kiss us. It turned into a crazy game, and we were totally torturing the guys. By the end of the trip, they were like begging us to kiss them, partly because they're hormonal teenage guys and partly because they wanted to win the bet. In the end, no one won the bet and now Morgan, Nicole and I are totally and completely in control of our relationships. We can get the guys to do anything we want them to do, just by refusing to kiss them... it's quite funny! So that's what happens when you put a bunch of crazy hormonal teenagers in an amusement park for a day. ;)

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