Friday, April 16, 2010

Instead of Working on my Assignment...

Greetings from computer lab 606! I probably should be working on my research paper right now, but I'm not exactly in the reasearching-mindset. The sub teacher is sitting DIRECTLY behind me as I write, but he's old and pretty much oblivious to everything going on in this room, so I think I'm safe. Also with me is one of very best friends, and she's giving me chocolate! Mmm...
So tonight is this thing called Relay For Life, aka, hundreds of people and tents and music and food all gatheredon a track to raise money for Cancer research amd patients. It's a fabulous cause, but even more so, it's a ton of fun. I've participated in this event sice I was like 5 years old,so I guess i can say I'm a true Relay alumni. Ha. Not only that, but basically the whole teenage population of my little town shows up, making it a perfect opportunity for catching up with old pals AND flirting with new guys... hehe. But not this year of course, because I do have a boyfriend now. ;)
Well, I 'spose I should get back to work. Ta ta for now readers! (SOMEONE is reading this, right?)

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