Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friends Make The World Go Round

How true that is... I spend this afternoon with a big group of friends. At my school, theres a bunch of different "groups," and each group has it's specific members. There's the so called 'popular group' and the so called 'loser groups' and so on. My little clique... I'm not sure if we fit into a specific catagory. I mean, we're made up of so many different kinds of people. There's me, the artsy one,and there's a few hard-core musicians, a wrestler, a dancer, a volleyball player, a water skiier, a runner, a b-baller, etc. the thing is, i think most of us are just genuinely nice people. Which is good.
Well, today we all walked to Dunkin Donuts (aka "Double D"),sat by the road and ate our donuts in happiness. I know it doesn't really seem like that much excitment, but being together, we always find a way to have fun. Some of the guys can be somewhat, um, perverted, but we're all accustomed to it. Some of us are down right hilarious, always having a funny story to tell. And, of course, everything is more fun when you've got a few guitars and a harmonica laying around to spice things up. :)

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