Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boys Are Stupid...

Why are all my guy friends so completely obsessed with xbox? I find this so stupid. They all crowd around the television and rant about their virtual guns while killing virtual people the virtual guns. Have you ever heard anything more depressing? And don't even try to talk to them while they're playing, because you won't get much of a response.

Me - Hey, do you guys wanna do something?
Guy - I can't believe you just shot me man! You jew!*
Me - Hello?
Guy - DUDE! Did you see that sweet kill shot?
Me - Does anyone care that I'm RIGHT HERE? Am I invisible now?
Guy - Shut up, we're trying to play!
You get the picture.

*For some reason, all the guys at my school call each other "jew" when they're pissed at each other. It's completely stupid and kinda mean in my opinion. I asked friend, "What's wrong with Jewish people???" and he says, "Nothing. It's just what you say." Ugh!

Hence the title of this post, BOYS. ARE. STUPID. Simple as that. If they're so stupid, though, why do so many of us girls spend our whole lives freaking out over them?

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