Thursday, April 22, 2010

Romeo, Romeo... Where For Art Thou Romeo?!

Oh my, it has been a short eternity since I've posted anything! Ok, so here's the latest :
Romeo and Juliet ~ A Modern Tale. aka, a modern day version of the Shakespear classic; written by me and my friend. We had this big plan. We wrote this amazing script, got 5 million scripts printed for the cast, handed them out and started a frenzy. All of our buddies at school are excited. WE are excited. There are only a few little bitty flaws in this plan, and they are kinda, well, BIG. The first is that we have no set-in-stone place to rehearse and perform. The ideal place would be in our Multi-Purpose Room, which has a stage. We just haven't asked our principal is we can use it yet, and this might be an issue as well. My mom says the story (it being a LOVE story and all) might be a wee but much for school, but i disagree! So theres one kiss at the end, big whoop! People kiss, in middle school and out, so its NO. BIG. DEAL. I just hope my principal approves it and lets us use the MPR. The second issue is time, something we are quickly running out of. We now have 6 weeks and counting to stage this show, which is almost virtually impossible! I'm verrrrrry stressed right now.

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