Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ok, so you know those magazines called like Tiger-Beat or Bop or J14 or whatever? Those ones that tween girls pour over for hours, gobbling up every last useless tidbit of information about Miley Cyrus or Taylor Lautner? Girls all over the place are reading those magazines, acting like all the Disney Channel "stars" are their own personal friends. Why does it matter if Joe Jonas likes girls who wear heels, or that Miranda Cosgrove is "looking for love?" That's exactly the type of stuff splashed across the pages of these sad but worshipped teen magazines...
But, I have a confession to make. For a long, long, long time, I was one of those girls. I spent my allowance on those magazines all the time, hungry for celeb gossip that probably wasn't even true or relevant. I had the posters, I even wrote...(cringe in embarrassment)... fan mail. What a shame!
The biggest shame, however, is the girls out there who act their lives revolve around the celebirties, the ones who's bedroom walls are plastered with the faces of people they don't even know! As one obsessed fan said in one of these magazines, "Kevin Jonas means the world to me! His smile is always brightens my day!" Honestly, you've never met the dude! How can he brighten your day or mean the world to you if you don't even know him? This is insanity...

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